End of Season Report

Posted by Craig on September 27th, 2008

We have now reached the end of another successful, but frustrating season for the Club. Successful because the Saturday team finished as Champions of Division 3 of the HPH York Vale Cricket League and in the Howdenshire Evening League we finished top of the East Division. However, again the weather made it a very disappointing and frustrating time, with ten league and cup games abandoned on a Saturday and three evening games cancelled.

Following on from winning the York Vale Cricket League Division 4 title last season, the team continued where it left off and led the Division 3 table for the whole season finishing 40 points ahead of Acomb and a further 20 points in front of Stockton & Hopgrove. Our final analysis was 10 wins, 1 defeat with 7 games lost to the weather. We also made it through to the Final of the Prendergast Memorial Trophy Final, eventually played at Acomb on the fourth attempt, where we lost out in a close fought game to Ben Johnson from Division 2.

The highlights of the York Vale campaign were the batting of James Ferguson and the bowling of John Buttle and Tom Baxter. James finished the season with 587 runs at an average of 58.70; including 102 not out at Malton and five other scores over 50. He also led the league batting averages for Division 3. Other notable innings were Craig Hewson’s 94 at Thixendale and 74 at Hirst and Richard Tomlinson’s 76 at Sheriff Hutton. On the bowling front John Buttle took 50 wickets at an average of 7.84, which included 7 for 33 at Stockton and four five-wicket hauls. Tom Baxter took 7 for 22 at home to Thixendale and took 36 wickets at 9.36. They were well backed up by Jonathan Tomlinson who bowled a total of 104 overs taking 20 wickets at 16.10.

In the Howdenshire Evening League we finished top of the East Division ahead of HICE, winning every match we played. Unfortunately the Play-Off Final against Selby, who won the West Division, could not be completed despite two attempts and the Trophy was shared. Rob Page took the batting honours scoring 323 runs at an average of 40.38; including a superb 102 not out at South Cave. Richard Moore scored 190 runs averaging 38.00 with 74 at Newport. For the second year running Mike Stellings led the bowling figures taking 23 wickets at 9.61.


This season has seen us running junior coaching on Sunday mornings at the club. We have had children between the ages of 6 and 16 and these have been extremely enjoyable sessions. Thanks must go to Richard Tomlinson and Tom Baxter, who both completed their UKCC level 1 coaching certificates last winter, for running these sessions and to everyone who regularly helped out, including Steve Norris, Jonathan Tomlinson, Charlie Cockin and Charles Parkinson. The winter will see some of our members taking more coaching courses in preparation for next season when we will be starting again, so if you are interested keep looking out for details in the Village Link or please feel free to get in touch.

One major development for us this season has been the acquisition of wicket covers, although even these could not cope with the monsoon conditions this year. They did prove their worth though earlier in the year keeping the wickets dry and hard. These were manufactured by SLJ Fabrications and we were able to purchase them with the aid of our Sponsors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Brocklesby Ltd, Humberside Aggregates, The Black Swan and Wolds Engineering Ltd for their sponsorship of the club this year. We greatly appreciate their generosity and support.

Looking forward to next year we will be in Division 2 of the York Vale League, which will be another step up for the club. It will be good to play some new teams and play on some new grounds. We are always on the look out for new talent and so if you are interested in playing or getting involved in any other way please get in touch. Finally, thank you to all of you for your support this season.

Craig Hewson.


Cave Lose Close Fought Final

Posted by Craig on September 14th, 2008

Ben Johnson came out on top in an excellent close fought Final at Acomb. In a game reduced to 32 overs, they won the toss and put Cave into bat. Cave lost regular wickets on a damp pitch with only James Ferguson (32) and Richard Tomlinson (26) putting a score together. For Ben Johnson Thornton (3 for 27), Wragg (1 for 19), Morando (2 for 13) and Snowden (4 for 41) all bowled tightly. In reply the Ben Johnson batsmen put patnerships together to look comfortable at 79 for 3 with Morando leading the way with 27. Then the Cave bowlers hit back with Charlie Cockin taking 3 for 16 and Tom Baxter 4 for 32, but Hill (28 not out) took Ben Johnson to Victory by 2 wickets with 1 over to spare.

Innings of North Cave
1 C. Hewson Ct S. Thornton 15
2 R. Jennings Ct & Bowled S. Thornton 3
3 J. Ferguson Ct D. Snowden 32
4 T. Baxter Bowled S. Thornton 0
5 R. Moore Bowled S. Wragg 3
6 C. Cockin Ct D. Snowden 5
7 R. Tomlinson Bowled D. Snowden 26
8 J. Tomlinson Bowled B. Morando 4
9 A. Ferguson Not Out 5
10 M. Woodall Ct D. Snowden 3
11 C. Parkinson Bowled B. Morando 1
Extras 17
Total 114
for 10 wkts

Ben Johnson Bowling Analysis
1 S. Thornton 8 1 27 3
2 S. Wragg 8 0 19 1
3 B. Morando 8 0 13 2
4 D. Snowden 7 0 41 4

Innings of Ben Johnson
1 S. Wragg Ct R. Moore (W) T. Baxter 2
2 B. Morando Ct C. Hewson J. Tomlinson 27
3 N. Drew Bowled C. Cockin 16
4 M. Reynolds Ct R. Tomlinson C. Cockin 14
5 T. Morrison Bowled T. Baxter 15
6 D. Cameron LBW C. Cockin 0
7 T. Hill Not Out 28
8 D. Bell Ct J. Ferguson (W) T. Baxter 0
9 D. Snowden Bowled T. Baxter 0
10 L. Thornton Not Out 1
11 P. Palmer
Extras 16
Total 119
for 8 wkts

North Cave Bowling Analysis
1 T. Baxter 7 0 32 4
2 J. Tomlinson 8 4 24 1
3 A. Ferguson 6 0 23 0
4 R. Tomlinson 7 2 15 0
5 C. Cockin 3 0 16 3

Prendergast Memorial Trophy Final

Posted by Craig on September 9th, 2008

The HPH York Vale League Management Committee has decided that one last attempt should be made to play the Prendergast Memorial Trophy Final this Sunday 14th September against Ben Johnson at Acomb CC with a 1.30pm start. In the event of further rain causing the match to be cancelled or abandoned, the trophy will be shared.

Another Weekend Washout

Posted by Craig on September 6th, 2008

Both North Cave CC’s games this weekend have been abandoned due to the heavy rain over the last two days. First our Division 3 game today at Stillingfleet was called off last night with a foot of water on their pitch. Then our Prendergast Trophy Final due to be played tomorrow was abandoned today  with no chance of the pitches at Heworth or Ben Johnson drying out. It is a disappointing end to a frustrating season with seven of our eighteen league games been cancelled. We have finished top of Division 3 though and so will be promoted to Division 2 for next season.

Final Abandoned for Rain

Posted by Craig on September 1st, 2008

The Prendergast Memorial Trophy Final was abandoned with 10 overs remaining and the game poised for an exciting finish. North Cave batted first in a game reduced to 32 overs per side and got off to a good start with Richard Tomlinson (28) and Richard Moore (39) putting on 73 for the first wicket. Cave then collapsed losing 6 quick wickets with the bowling of Merandu (3 for 17) and Carlton (4 for 28). They recovered to 140 for 9 thanks to 32 not out from John Buttle. In reply Ben Johnson made good progress towards their target with D. Lacey (34) and M. Reynolds (33 not out) providing the runs. Then the rain came and the umpires called a halt to proceedings. The match will now be replayed next Sunday.

Innings of North Cave
1 R. Tomlinson Bowled Merandu 28
2 R. Moore Bowled Merandu 39
3 J. Ferguson LBW Merandu 4
4 C. Cockin Bowled Carlton 0
5 T. Baxter Bowled Carlton 0
6 R. Jennings Ct N. Drew Carlton 0
7 J. Tomlinson Ct. Carlton 12
8 J. Backhouse Bowled Snowden 12
9 J. Buttle Not Out 32
10 A. Ferguson Bowled Bell 1
11 M. Woodall Not Out 1
Extras 11
Total 140
for 9 wkts

Ben Johnson Bowling Analysis
1 D. Snowden 8 0 45 1
2 S. Thornton 4 2 20 0
3 Merandu 8 5 17 3
4 Carlton 8 2 28 4
5 D. Bell 4 0 22 1

Innings of Ben Johnson
1 D. Bell Ct R. Tomlinson T. Baxter 13
2 D. Lacey Ct J. Ferguson J. Tomlinson 34
3 M. Reynolds Not Out 33
4 N. Drew LBW J. Buttle 7
5 D. Cameron Not Out 2
Extras 6
Total 95
for 3 wkts

North Cave Bowling Analysis
1 T. Baxter 8 1 31 1
2 R. Tomlinson 5 2 14 0
3 J. Buttle 7 0 31 1
4 J. Tomlinson 2 0 16 1